We are a DRAP Registered Trials Unit, which means we have satisfied specific quality evaluation requirements in both academic and practical elements of performing Clinical Trials. This position is also acknowledged by financial bodies during our present studies. Conducting a study via CTU-RMI will guarantee that it is reliable and will boost the likelihood of getting quality research.

We intend to collaborate with investigators in order to guarantee that both sides share their expertise as effectively as possible.

Please email us at our official ID ‘’ for further details on the partnership procedure.CTU


Frequently Asked Questions

CTU will consider approaches made from Investigators and Sponsors, both internal and external to CTU-RMI, commercial and non-commercial and across any phase within the development cycle including:

  1. Clinical trials or other well-designed studies.
  2. Standalone Pilot trials (external pilot trials) and small Feasibility trials may be considered as long as there is a clear strategy of trial development to deliver a definitive phase III trial, and there is a reasonable chance of securing sufficient funding.
  3. Complex or ‘high risk’ single site trials where CTU support is required and can be funded.
  • As early as possible during the development phase.
  • When a clear path to execution of the trials is made

Request proposal along with the other relevant documents can be shared on the official ID ‘’ or with Coordinator CTU.


Our Collaborations